Cynthia Ann


At G. Thrapp Jewelers our cases are always full of the best designer jewelry in the industry. But finding the best jewelry requires work… which is why we are currently in Las Vegas. Ha. Rather than spending our time in the casinos or at the pool, we are viewing our current designer’s newest collections of jewelry and searching for new vendors to add to our esteemed designer collections. At G. Thrapp Jewelers we are all about the client, whether we are in our brick and mortar store in Indianapolis or in Las Vegas, which is why we want to take you on our buying journey.


Our first appointment yesterday was with Cynthia Ann Jewels. As many of our clients know, Cynthia Ann is our best-selling designer line, and G. Thrapp Jewelers is Cynthia Ann’s number one retail account in the nation. Her religious medals have been more than a hit in our neighborhood store. This year Cynthia Ann unveiled a new set of religious medals that open up to reveal a religious symbol, and we LOVED them . She also created a line of interchangeable earrings that can be put into different frames or transformed into pendants. Take a look below at some of our favorite pieces. Look for our next blog tomorrow about our meeting with Ron Hami and to see a sneak peak of a NEW designer line at G. Thrapp Jewelers. To follow our adventures on Instagram search #gthrappdoesvegas.











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