Designer Jewelry that Doesn’t Break the Bank

What comes to mind when you hear the word “designer”? High quality? Trendy? A certain brand name? Probably so. But perhaps the word people most associate the word designer with is the word “expensive”. That nine letter word has the power to deter shoppers from both shopping at G. Thrapp Jewelers and shopping for designer jewelry in general. But what some shoppers don’t realize is some of our designer collections at G. Thrapp Jewelers are extremely well priced despite the high quality materials and designer label attached.

Since we are getting down to the holiday “crunch time”, we wanted to share a few of our favorite designer collections with pieces that fall under $200. Since we stand by the quality of all of our jewelry, regardless of price, I will detail the materials used in the pieces as well as some additional facts about why it’s a remarkable choice for a Christmas gift.

Leather Wrap Bracelets

Our handmade bracelets made from reindeer leather and pewter with antler details have been a hit this Christmas. A portion of this craze derived from the bracelets’ debut in Indianapolis Monthly’s “Wanted” section this Fall/Winter season. We love them because of their wear ability and versatility. They look fabulous stacked with a large combination of other bracelet styles. Whether it’s a Michele watch and some David Yurman bracelets or some costume jewelry you’ve collected over the years, this bracelet will add style to any stacked, arm party look.


Halcyon Days

Halcyon Days bangles are designed to fit together seamlessly. The bangles come in a wide range of colors and stylish designs. Shoppers can choose between classics in black and decorated in gold or trendy fashion statements for the season. Halcyon Days bangles are simply the perfect accessories for any occasion, day or night. Wear them as a single item or stacked and mixed for maximum impact. The bangles are available in the 4cm statement cuff and the 2cm bangle at G. Thrapp Jewelers. We always have lots of colors and styles to choose from!


 Bebe & Tay

The last designer we are featuring is one of our absolute favorites- Bebe & Tay. Created by Gary Thrapp’s wife Barbi “Bebe” and their granddaughter, Taylor “Tay”, the pieces are especially meaningful. Barbi uses natural stones as you can see in the pictures below. We suggest this jewelry line for gifts because each piece is unique and very popular among all age groups. Her bracelets have been one of our best sellers this holiday season. Aside from her wide array of bracelets, Barbi also has necklaces and earrings that fall under $200!



Hopefully the myth that “ALL designer jewelry is too expensive” has been debunked after viewing this blog post. When it comes to designer jewelry, G. Thrapp Jewelers has something to satisfy every price point. Stop by G. Thrapp Jewelers today to browse these designer collections and more!

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