Cynthia Ann

Cynthia Ann Stewart is a Houston based designer with over 25 years experience within the retail and design industry. Cynthia is widely known for her religious pendants. Cynthia mixes precious metals and semi-precious stones to create a collection of jewelry that is modern, accessible, unique and wearable. With a strong attention to detail each piece is crafted to the highest quality. Cynthia’s designs are perfect for layering together and allow the client to have the power to mix and match each piece to their personal preference.

Cynthia Ann’s inspiration for her jewelry collection goes back to the year 2000. While she was grieving the loss of her Mom from cancer, she made a trip to France. Once there, she was drawn into the many beautiful antique shops and flea markets. In these shops, she uncovered a beautiful assortment of antique religious medals. The beauty and meaning of these medals reminded her of the strong faith her Mom always had. As she rummaged through the medals she felt a strong sense of her Mother’s presence. Over the next decade, Cynthia Ann continued to collect these medals throughout her European travels, and the “Ancient and Olds Medal Collection” was born.

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