New Trend: Lockets

A new trend has made its way into the fashion jewelry scene; Lockets are making a come-back. We are not simply referring to antique lockets, the lockets that hold momentos pictures of loved ones; we are also referring to some popular designer jewelry necklaces that have all of the locket “characteristics” (i.e a hidden compartment that holds special memories or meaning). A Wall Street Journal article on this subject remarks that in a world of no secrets due to things like social media, these lockets are special because they carry special meaning only known to the wearer (Quick 2014).
At G. Thrapp Jewelers, we have a variety of locket-esque jewelry derived from both our Estate collection and our designer jewelry cases.




14KY C1909 Oval Engraved Locket from G. Thrapp Jewelers’ Estate Case $1,675



14KY Oval Locket with Center Pearl 9.87 DWT from G. Thrapp Jewelers’ Estate Case $1800




Although this necklace is actually a designer piece, it holds a certain “old world” charm that is a perfect for a lover of Estate pieces.
14K Gold Filled Medium Locket 18 Inch 14kt Chain with White Quartz Pendant Necklace by Just Jules $915




Designer Cynthia Ann’s newest collection revolves around the “locket” concept. Each of her new pieces has a compartment either in the front or back of the pendant which opens to unveil a cross or another religious symbol. These lockets have been a popular sequel to her line of antique crosses and ancient and olds metals.
Rhodium Plated Silver/14KY 0.71CTW Zircon 0.33CTW Diamonds Queenston Butterfly Pendant $4750 with Baby Rolo Chain by Cynthia Ann $500



New to G. Thrapp Jewelers is a designer jewelry collection by the name of S&R Designs. Their “perfume” bottles come complete with a screw-off top which comes off of the base of the bottle. Connected to the top is a small bar which can be engraved paper writings with the wearer’s name, birth date, or other special dates, names or symbols.
18KY/ Sterling Silver/Blck Small Square Bottle with Diamond Bail at0.15ct/t@20.00 Pendant $1800 with 18 Inch Wheat Chain $280

To inquire about any of the lockets in this blog, please contact Lauren at (317)255-5555 or at

Quick, Harriet (2014, Dec 5) “Lockets: Jewelry That Keeps A Secret” The Wall Street Journal. 2014, Dec 19.

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