The G. Thrapp “Wrap”

Now if you ask Gary how to “wrap”, he’ll start literally rapping a little song he likes to call the “G. Thrapp Rap”. Since we want to have a blog that helps you rather than scares you, we are going to stick with teaching you how to “wrap” a present instead. Remember the saying, “It’s what’s on the inside that counts?” It definitely applies to presents, but there’s a lot of emphasis on the outside as well, especially if you’re planning on getting a nicer gift than a homemade macaroni necklace this Christmas. If you’ve ever purchased or been given a gift from G. Thrapp, you know that our wrapping is a perfect combination of science and art. With the holidays quickly approaching, we figured that a blog post laying out the specifics of wrapping a present would be most helpful.

What you’ll need:

  • Scissors
  • Double Sided Tape
  • 4’x4’ box
  • 8’x13’ wrapping paper
  • Ribbon

We used one of our earring boxes to wrap this present because for jewelry it’s a pretty standard size gift box. We started out by cutting our wrapping paper so that it measured 8’ x 13’. Please note, however, that any size box or package can be used when following our wrapping tips.


To begin, take one side of the paper and line it up with the center of the box vertically.


Take the other side and make sure that it folds over so that it too lines up with the center of the box. Place tape on the inside flap that you folded over the first flap and push down to secure the tape in place. Your box should be fully covered by paper.


On one of the ends, push both centers of the paper in so they touch the box.


Make sure that the paper is tight on the box and fold so that a triangle forms on the bottom of the gift.


Flip the box over, and do the same thing. Secure with tape.




Now turn the box and repeat the steps with this side. You should end up with a beautifully wrapped box with crisp, clean edges.


Now comes the hard part- the dreaded bow. Sales associate, Josh Shanafelt’s FAVORITE part of wrapping. Place the box so that you have about 8 inches of ribbon on the right side of the package and a significantly longer tail of ribbon on the left side.



Bring both sides of ribbon to the middle and cross them so that they have a little twist in the center and are facing up and down now instead of left and right.



Take the piece of ribbon pointing to the top of your box and bring it all the way around and underneath the box so that the longer side is now at the bottom of the package by the other end of ribbon.



Tuck that same piece of ribbon underneath the twisted knot you started with. This will make it so the knot in the center is securing the bow around the package.


(The bottom of the package should be completely flat with what looks like a plus sign on it.) From here, things get a little easier. Take the two strands of ribbon and tie them like you would tie your shoes- a simple bow.



Once you have the bow, make sure that if there’s a prettier side (aka our ribbon says “G. Thrapp Jewelers”) that you flip the one loop of the bow around so you can see both pretty sides and no underneath of the bow. Make sure the loops are straightened and standing straight up, looking “perky” if you will.



And there you have it- a gift that’s is as pretty on the outside as what’s on the inside. (especially if you shopped at G. Thrapp Jewelers!)

….Oh, and if you think this is easy, just wait till you hear about the “double ribbon bow”.

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