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Lika Behar Spider Earrings and Ring

Diamond and 18K White Gold Spider Earrings and Ring by Lika Behar!!

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Lika Behar Jewelry

Lika Behar was born in the magnificent city of Istanbul. With roots in ancient Anatolian civilizations, this former Byzantine capital has evolved into a cosmopolitan metropolis which juxtaposes sublime historical architectural expressions within a modern skyline. As such, Istanbul is known as one of the truly great romantic destinations of the world and is the fundamental source of inspiration for the Lika Behar Collection.

Lika’s family lineage is one of storied gold coin dealers; a trade long believed to be the lifeline of the Mediterranean. Her collection elegantly reconciles the rich inspiration of ancient jewelry traditions, utilizing only pure and nimble 24 Karat gold. The results are pieces wrought with a sensual and tactile modernism. The 2008 collection is also infused with brilliant gemstones reflecting the varying hues that recall the depths of blue waters that cradle Lika’s birth https://epiphanysalon.com/buy-propecia/ country. Her workroom in Istanbul deftly reconciles ancient history with the sensibility of the modern world. Each piece from the collection is uniquely hand wrought with the exquisite precision once celebrated by ancient artisans; yielding a tawny luxury fit for the modern woman whose jewelry reflects, at the same time ancient history, and the art that is the modern feminine spirit.

Stop by G. Thrapp Jewelers in Indianapolis, IN to see our full collection of jewelry by Lika Behar. For more information contact us by phone at 317-255-555 or email at jwilson@gthrapp.com!

Hope to see you in our store very soon!

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John Apel Jewelry

For John Apelian, the designer of John Apel, creating fine jewelry is his expression of the extraordinary relationship between art and nature. For over 20 years, John has created award winning pieces in platinum and 18-karat gold, drawing his inspiration from his passion for flowers and nature.

Born in Turkey, John started his jewelry career while only 24 years old, working with a small jewelry company in Istanbul. Impeccable craftsmanship and the wearability of his designs are of utmost importance to John, who says “Throughout each stage of design I think about the woman who will wear my jewelry. My challenge is to create pieces that enhance a woman’s beauty, not overpower it.” His signature rose-cut line has earned him recognition for being one of the first jewelers to successfully combine the antique rose-cut style with modern jewelry fashions.

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Norman Covan Jewelry

Norman Covan has been an established and renowned jewelry designer for over 25 years. Norman Covan Co. takes pride in its achievements in jewelry design and execution over the past ten years and continues to strive for excellence in its field.

Norman Covan takes a non-traditional approach to jewelry design compared to many of today’s prestigious designers. He is not apprehensive about taking risks with his pieces while incorporating the consistency of exemplary craftsmanship that is unprecedented in today’s jewelry market. Norman Covan prides himself on taking a very hands-on approach to his business. He personally supervises every piece of jewelry crafted by his company, maintaining the quality he demands for his customers.

Norman Covan Co.’s expertise includes pave, prong, channel and bezel settings with a clear and comprehensive understanding of the difficulties of pave settings. He has excelled in its design composition with this particular setting.

Norman Covan’s love of retro-modern designs is evident in many of his pieces. By examining the gamut of his collection, from his rosecut diamond rings, carbonado earrings, or pave set designs, to his award winning micro set collection.

One common thread is evident… quality. Norman Covan selects a grade of diamonds that are consistently above industry standards. This task combined with his desire for excellence in setting style, superior design, and excellence in artistic design concept has given Norman Covan the reputation he so clearly deserves.

With each passing year and each passing milestone, Norman Covan Co. continues to sparkle and shine in the hands of its colleagues and clients.

Stop by G. Thrapp today to see our collection of jewelry by Norman Covan!

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Lauren K Jewelry

To say that Lauren inherited the family jewels is an understatement. She is the fourth generation to run the prestigious N. Zaidens Co., a leader in the fine jewelry arena for over 90 years. During her college years Lauren began working alongside her grandfather learning not only the mechanics, but also the artistry of fine jewelry. She continued her interest in the company during law school and soon after graduation realized that the family business was not only in her blood, but also in her heart.

Lauren began working under her grandfather full time, and after his retirement, took over as President. After only two short years, she indelibly carved her niche in the family tree by launching the Lauren K collection. Her inspiration for the line was not from a particular https://ambienpro.com stone or setting, but instead, the women she wanted to reach with her designs – women who want feminine, beautiful jewelry that they can buy for themselves and wear everyday like their favorite perfume. Unlike other lines, the Lauren K collection is not made for a jewelry box; it is designed to complement a woman’s lifestyle. The collection premiered in 1997 and was immediately well received. Lauren is committed to evolving the line while keeping in mind the ever-changing lives of the women who bring her designs to life.

Stop by G. Thrapp Jewelers at 56th and Illinois in Indianapolis, IN to see our whole collection of jewelry by Lauren K.

Need a gift for Valentine’s Day?

Lauren K is sure to excite your special love one!

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Need gift ideas?

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, G. Thrapp Jewelers is here to help with your highly important gift selection!
Here are a few gifts ideas for that special person in your life.

Deakin & Francis Cufflinks
There can be few companies as steeped in the history and traditions of craftsmanship as Deakin & Francis. For seven generations, since 1786, our family business has been producing some of the finest, handmade cufflinks in the world from its workshops in the heart of England.

These cufflinks would make a fabulous gift for that special man in your life this Valentine’s Day.

18K Hoop Earrings by Samantha Louise, this interesting pair of gold hoops will truly set you apart.

18K and Diamond https://j-galt.com/klonopin-1mg/ Stacking Bands by Samantha Louise that are a fun way to mix and match rings in a very unique way.

Just In! Sapphire and Diamond Ring, 18K by Lauren K

Add a little pop to your wardrobe with an oxidized and 24K gemstone ring by Lika Behar
Add interest to your wardrobe with these beautiful and one-of-a-kind medals by Cynthia Ann.

Interested in giving the gift of time?
Check out N.O.A. Watches, they are a hybrid between Italian design and Swiss mechanics

G. Thrapp will be open:

Saturday, February 11th from 10AM-5PM       Sunday, February 12th from 12PM-5PM

Monday, February 13th from 10AM-7PM       Tuesay, February 14th from 10AM-7PM

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Samantha Louise

“I truly love the art of self expression and the craft of jewelry design.” – Samantha Louise Larkins

Samantha Louise Jewelry was founded in 2007. It grew out of a life long passion for art, design, and jewelry. Samantha believes that jewelry can reveal intimate secrets about the most import moments of our lives. Everyday, we wake up and choose to arm ourselves with the strand of pearls passed down from our grandmother, the wedding band from our husband or wife, or the earrings given to us when we graduated from college. Those pieces serve as a constant reminder of who we are, where we came from, and where we are going. At Samantha Louise Jewelry, we have been blessed with the opportunity to be a part of the happiest and most memorable moments of people’s lives.

We hope that you love our handmade designer jewelry and that they speak to your aesthetic, style, and identity.

Samantha Louise at G. Thrapp for a Trunk Show in November of 2011

Stop by G. Thrapp Jewelers to see our whole collection of jewelry by Samantha Louise! Hope to see you soon!

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Cynthia Ann Jewelry

Cynthia Ann Stewart is a Houston based designer with over 25 years experience within the retail and design industry. With a passion for design Cynthia developed a line of fine jewelry that would easily fit within her casual lifestyle and love of luxurious fabrics and materials. Cynthia mixes precious metals and semi-precious stones to create a collection of jewelry that is modern, accessible, unique and wearable. With a strong attention to detail each piece is crafted to the highest quality. Cynthia’s designs look wonderful layered together and allow the client to have the power to mix and match each piece to their personal preference.

G. Thrapp Jewelers exclusively carries Cynthia Ann Jewelry in the state of Indiana. Please stop by our store or contact us to see or hear more about her fabulous designs.

Need an idea for a Valentine’s Day Gift?

Cynthia Ann designs one-of-a-kind love tokens that would be a wonderful way to commemorate your true and everlasting love.

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G. Thrapp Jewelers, Indianapolis

Welcome to G. Thrapp Jewelers’ new blog! We look forward to filling you in on the world of Jewelry in Indianapolis and from around the world.

We are so excited for the city hosting the big game here this weekend! If you are looking for something to commemorate your stay to Indy, or a fabulous gift to take back to your significant other, please stop in the store. We are located in the heart of the Butler-Tarkington neighborhood, just one block west of 56th and Meridian Street.

Valentine’s Day is only 13 days away! Come in early for the best selection.

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